Legs and Lower Extremity Conditions

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Enjoy life with healthy legs.

Legs and Lower Extremity Conditions

We are more than just a vein clinic!

RIA Endovascular physicians take a whole-body approach to treating legs. Since leg problems can originate elsewhere in the body, our unique approach allows us to discover the root cause of leg pain, and treat it accordingly. Our interventional radiologists treat numerous associated lower-extremity conditions..

Comprehensive Vein Care

Venous Insufficiency – Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment

We offer a complimentary leg vein assessment.  If a diagnostic ultrasound is needed, that cost is usually covered by insurance. Learn more about spider and varicose veins. See before and after photos.

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Blood Clots

Pelvic Vein Conditions

Comprehensive Arterial Care


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Diagnostics are the first step to treating leg conditions.

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