Hospital-based Interventional Radiologists

Hospital-based Interventional Radiologists

Hospital services only

Five of our RIA Endovascular interventional radiologists provide services both in our outpatient clinic and in the hospital. However, the following RIA Endovascular Interventional Radiologists work solely in hospitals in metro Denver hospitals and facilities in neighboring states:

Acute care coverage by RIA Endovascular's Interventional Radiologists

RIA Endovascular physicians provide acute care as well as scheduled procedures in metro Denver hospitals as well as facilities in neighboring states such as Nebraska and Kansas.


For more information, call 720.493.3406.

Appointments for RIA Endovascular interventional radiologists serving only in metro Denver and regional hospitals are handled by the hospital. Please call the facility directly.

Appointments for RIA Endovascular physicians and physician assistants who see patients both in the outpatient office in Greenwood Village and in metro Denver hospitals, call 720.493.3406.