Our Physicians

Our Physicians

Interventional Radiologists

All physicians at RIA Endovascular are board-certified and fellow-trained in interventional radiology. They are experts in procedures that involve veins, arteries and image-guided procedures throughout the body. Each physician has additional training and certifications in specialized areas such as leg vein care, venous reconstruction, life-extending cancer procedures, spinal procedures, pelvic venous conditions, prostate artery embolization and more.

Hospital and Office-based Physicians

Our five physicians perform procedures both in our outpatient metro Denver clinic as well as area hospitals.

Hospital-based Interventional Radiologists

These physicians perform procedures only in hospitals, both local and in neighboring states.

Nurse Practitioners

physician explains OVE procedure

Peter Stratil, MD explains Ovarian Vein Embolization procedure performed to help eliminate chronic pelvic pain from varicosed veins in and around the uterus.

Our nurse practitioners practice both in the clinic and in the hospital doing rounds.

Renown. Trusted. Minimally Invasive.

Our physicians maintain memberships and leadership positions in various societies to continue refining their skills. They have received national recognition for their publication of peer-reviewed articles and text books and are routinely sought to speak on a national and international level. As well, several have been honored with Best Doctor awards from 5280 Magazine, Colorado Business Magazine and the Denver Business Journal.

Unique Perspective. Unrelenting Passion for Patients.

Interventional radiologists take a whole-body view of the venous and arterial systems. For example, in our leg vein clinic, we know that varicose veins in the legs may actually originate higher in the body, and we must treat that first if we are to resolve the problem. Every exam takes into consideration what might be the root cause of the symptom and, at our vein center, we are able to diagnose and recommend whole-body treatment.

Our group has 10 interventional radiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants and other staff.


Neuro Interventional Surgeons

For a list of the neuro interventional surgeons in our sister group, To reach a neuro interventional radiologist or to schedule a consultation in our sister group, visit their website or call 720.493.3345.

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For a consult or to schedule an appointment with an RIA Endovascular physician or nurse practitioner, call 720.493.3406.