I had venous reflux

Opening Quotation Mark“I had venous reflux…” — patient testimonial

“I had venous reflux and I had suffered with trouble with my varicose veins for many years. As a physical therapist, I had to stand a lot for work. After a while, I could barely stand for even a few minutes. I was experiencing a great deal of pain and pressure in my legs. I wore heavy compression garments.

“I had a few other vein procedures that were just not effective in alleviating my discomfort. I became resigned to the fact that I would have painful legs that weren’t the most attractive.

“Noticing my condition, my dermatologist recommended that I consult with Brooke Spencer, M.D. about my legs.

“At my initial consultation visit with Dr. Spencer, it became immediately obvious that she had extensive expertise. I was immediately struck with her warm and caring personality. She was knowledgeable in all the options, was thorough in her diagnostic workup, and treated me with the utmost respect. I felt confident that she would be able to provide appropriate treatment and finally, I would get some relief from my discomfort.

“I had laser ablation procedures, which are minimally invasive. The facility and treatment is state-of-the-art. The staff is professional and courteous. At all times — including post-procedure and follow-up visits, the staff was accessible and responsive.

“I experienced dramatic relief.  The procedures completely removed the pain and discomfort that I had for years. The fact that I got a cosmetic benefit was an extra bonus.Closing Quotation Mark

“I would encourage anyone who is suffering from venous reflux veins — anyone whose profession requires standing for long periods of time and has ugly varicose veins — to consult with the doctors at RIA Endovascular. I am delighted with the results.”


Greenwood Village, Colorado
July, 2013