Finally, a minimally invasive solution to an enlarged prostate

Finally, a minimally invasive solution to an enlarged prostate…treating BPH

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Opening Quotation Mark“For years, I have suffered with an enlarged prostate.  If you’re one of the many unfortunate men who experience benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), then you know your quality of life isn’t up to par. My enlarged prostate wasn’t allowing me to fully empty my bladder causing me to awaken 4 to 6 times a night.  This was an unacceptable way of life for me.  As a result, I began researching the latest greatest treatments for an enlarged prostate.”

Early results – Prostatic Artery Embolization treatment  for enlarged prostate

“I became aware of a clinical trial at Inova Alexandria Hospital for a treatment option called prostatic artery embolization. Early results from the trial, according to Sandeep Bagla, MD, indicated 94% of the first patients treated had significant improvement with BPH symptoms. BPH symptom scores ― related to incomplete emptying of the bladder, frequency of urination, intermittency while urinating, urgency to urinate, weak stream, straining to urinate and number of bedtime urinations ― improved significantly post-prostatic artery embolization.”

Looking for the right place

“I was unable to get into the clinical trial in time, so I began researching top doctors familiar with the treatment in the Denver area. I was referred to Dr. Charles Nutting, at RIA Endovascular in July 2013 for a prostate artery embolization procedure. Dr. Nutting is a board-certified, fellowship-trained interventional radiologist who has performed more than 900 radioembolization procedures. I was confident after several discussions regarding my BPH issues that he could perform the procedure.”

Prostate artery embolization results

“My prostate artery embolization procedure was performed by Dr. Nutting on August 6, 2013. After about 1 week, I began to notice increased urine flow and a more efficient emptying of my bladder.  In my second week, I was waking up only 3 times a night to urinate and was noticing a continuous stream as opposed to an intermittent flow.

“Today, a bit over a month after the procedure, for the most part, I am waking up only once a night to urinate. I am actually getting 4-5 hours of consistent sleep without having to wake up and urinate.

“Throughout the day, I feel like I am emptying my bladder fully about 90% of the time.  This is in contrast to almost never feeling like I was emptying my bladder prior to the procedure.  I don’t have the sudden desire to urinate I had previously and, when I do urinate, I don’t feel any strain to complete the job.

“My AUA Symptom Score [a BPH Symptom Score Index Questionnaire produced by the American Urological Association] has gone from a horrible score of 29 to a score of 9 today.  My quality of life due to urinary symptoms has gone from ‘unhappy’ to ‘pleased’ just a month after the treatment.  I am excited to see even further improvement and hope to completely void myself of the prescription medication I take for BPH.  I will begin that process next week.”

“It has been a godsend for me”

“Dr. Nutting and his team performed this procedure in an exceptional fashion.  If your quality of life due to BPH is not what you want it to be and you want to consider a non-Closing Quotation Markinvasive procedure for BPH with no known side-effects to date, truly consider a discussion with Dr. Nutting or one of the other physicians at RIA Endovascular, all experienced in the procedure.

“While it’s too early to know how long the positive effects of this treatment will last, it has been a godsend for me.”

Bill Bradley
Lone Tree, Colorado