No more knee pain from varicose veins

“No more knee pain from varicose veins” – in a patient’s own words


Opening Quotation Mark“I had been experiencing pain and swelling in my knee. I had a bunch of bulging veins in the knee area as well as down my leg. Cartilage was already removed from the knee and we thought there was further deterioration.

“My orthopedist, who is in the same building as RIA Endovascular, made an appointment for me to see Dr. Charles Nutting. Surgical removal of the veins was recommended and Dr. Nutting did the procedure.Closing Quotation Mark

“Since the surgery I have not experienced any swelling nor pain in the knee joint. My leg feels fine and there is no visible scarring to indicate anything was ever done there. RIA Endovascular was very thorough in scheduling both the original evaluations and the procedure.  I would recommend RIA Endovascular for those with similar problems.”


Arvada, Colorado