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Nick Yee, MD

Dr. Nick Yee is a vascular and interventional radiologist in Denver, CO

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October 22, 2019

A Physician’s Perspective: Dr. Yee

Dr. Nick Yee is a vascular and interventional radiologist at RIA Endovascular

For someone that has trouble with blood flow to their legs, which can cause pain when walking, leg cramping that limits their lifestyle and in severe cases, loss of limb function or, worst case scenario, actual loss of the limb, an angiogram can provide relief from these symptoms.

An angiogram procedure is minimally invasive. By using small catheters that can be inserted through a small puncture site in the groin or leg, the vessels can be reconstructed from the inside to restore normal blood flow to the leg.

I recently had a patient that I treated who was suffering from lack of blood flow to her leg and causing her to not do the things she enjoys. Her pain level was extremely high whenever she tried to walk. She had also lost her pulse in her foot, which could eventually lead to amputation. I performed her angiogram procedure and blood flow was restored to her foot. I enjoy seeing these end results and changing a patient’s life for the better.