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Annie Collum, BSN, RN

Annie Collum, BSN, RN is the RIA Manager, Physician Liaison in Denver, Colorado

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September 22, 2020, , ,

Patient Stories: Patty G. recommends Dr. Yee and percutaneous fistula

What brought you to RIA Endovascular?

I have a history of kidney failure. I had a percutaneous fistula placed by Dr. Yee in the hospital. The follow up visits have been at RIA Endovascular Clinic and Interventional Suite. Coming into the clinic is so much better than dealing with a large hospital. I just show up to the clinic, go into the procedure room and then I am on my way home after a short recovery. So easy!

How was your experience at RIA Endovascular?

The RIA clinic is so nice and everyone is very helpful. I really appreciate the fact that when I walk in the door I am greeted by people that remember me. All of the staff has a great sense of humor. They make sure I understand what is going on and they don’t throw words around me that I don’t understand. This increases my comfort level. Dr. Yee is great. He is patient with me and answers all of my questions. He makes sure to fully explain the procedure. He was honest and upfront and let me know this is a newer procedure. I am so glad I trusted him. My fistula is working well and I haven’t had any problems after the procedure.

What would you tell others about RIA Endovascular?

My advice to everyone is that if you have to get a fistula, make sure it is a percutaneous fistula. It doesn’t hold you back like a traditional fistula. It is definitely worth a visit with Dr. Yee at RIA to explore your options.