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Tony Brown, MD

Tony Brown, MD is a vascular and interventional radiologist in Denver, CO

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March 10, 2021, ,

Tony Brown, MD Collaborates with Daniel Lerman, MD on Cutting Edge Procedure

Dr’s Brown and Lerman collaborated for the benefit of a 72-year-old female patient with a history of endometrial cancer and debilitating pain with walking.  Her cancer was initially diagnosed and treated in 2006.  She then suffered recurrence including metastatic disease to the bones in her pelvis in 2010.  She was treated with both her pelvis at that time.  The treatments were successful, and her disease has been stable for more than 10 years, but not before the disease caused permanent damage to the bones in her pelvis and debilitating pain.  She has been homebound and walker dependent forcing her to give up activities she loves.  As a retired cytology tech and also an accomplished pilot she longed for independence and the ability to get in and out of her plane again.  She sought treatment with several prestigious academic medical centers around the country and was either offered no solution or extreme options such as the removal of half of her pelvis and her right leg.  She and her local doctor in her home of South Dakota continued to search for good options for her pain ultimately leading them to Dr. Daniel Lerman at Colorado Limb Consultants.  Dr. Lerman described to the patient in phone consultation the collaborative procedure that he, an orthopedic oncologist, and Dr. Tony Brown, an interventional radiologist at RIA Endovascular provide for bone cancer.  After review of her imaging studies, Dr’s Lerman and Brown believed the patient to be a perfect candidate for their percutaneous pelvic stabilization procedure.  She journeyed from South Dakota on March 8, 2021 to have this procedure performed. The procedure was completed in just over two hours. Dr. Brown and Dr. Lerman were able to successfully reconstruct her right pelvis using four orthopedic screws and bone cement. On the day following her surgery she was able to walk without pain.  Dr. Brown and Dr. Lerman have been performing these types of cases together since 2019 having thus far performed 43 cases. The procedure uses state of the art technology including augmented reality and the procedure is tailored for each patient to specifically address their disease and pain.  Only a few highly specialized centers around the country offer percutaneous pelvic fixation and Dr’s Brown and Dr. Lerman are among the most experienced and most aggressive.  Many people suffer with bone metastasis and are told there are no other options if their pain is not addressed by chemotherapy and radiation.  We are excited to educate our community about this amazing procedure and how it changes the lives of so many.