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Annie Collum, BSN, RN

Annie Collum, BSN, RN is the RIA Manager, Physician Liaison in Denver, Colorado

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March 30, 2021,

Patient Stories: Bob B. discusses successful prostate embolization procedure

Our staff is there for every patient. Hear Bob B. tell us about his successful prostate embolization procedure.

What problems were you having before you came to RIA Endovascular?

I had a seriously enlarged prostate, and it was almost impossible to go to the bathroom.

How was your patient experience with the doctor and clinic staff?

Excellent! Dr. Greg Martin and all his staff, especially Mary, were more than helpful and gave me the feeling that they really care!

What specific result/outcome did you like most about this procedure?

Almost immediately after my prostate artery embolization, I was able to urinate with a full and strong steam. Just being able to empty my bladder improved my overall health, and it continues to improve!

What would you like to share with others?

I would like everyone who is suffering from the inability to go to the bathroom to know that this procedure certainly can give you relief. As Dr. Martin will tell you, there is considerable soreness following the procedure, and this was a difficult time for me. However, it was definitely worth the pain to get to this positive result! I should also say that I’m not a doctor, and there may very well be situations where this is the best answer and others where it isn’t — and, of course, listen to your doctors!