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William Grande, MD

Dr. William Grande is a vascular and interventional radiologist in Denver, CO

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May 18, 2021, ,

A Physician’s Perspective: Will Grande, MD, on Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

Dr. Will Grande is a vascular and interventional radiologist at RIA Endovascular. We asked him about his work in interventional radiology.

”There are many people out there suffering from leg pain who don’t feel like there is anything that can be done for them. Often, the underlying issue is what’s called peripheral arterial disease. Symptoms can range from minor to severe. They can include leg cramping that limits their lifestyle, nonhealing wounds and pain when walking/exercising. In severe cases, it may even cause loss of limb function or actual loss of the limb.

At RIA Endovascular, we have the capability to help these patients who are suffering with leg pain. We are able to perform a minimally invasive procedure called angiography, or angiogram, to treat your arteries.

By using small catheters that can be inserted through a small puncture site in the groin or leg, the vessels can be reconstructed from the inside to restore normal blood flow to the leg. This can cause a dramatic decrease in symptoms, including pain/discomfort. I find it extremely gratifying to be able to care for patients who are suffering from peripheral vascular disease.

Recently, I had a 57-year-old female patient sent to me for issues with claudication. She was having a difficult time walking and completing everyday activities. She couldn’t even withstand going to the grocery store. She was feeling depressed about her condition and her weight. She was unable to exercise due to the leg pain. The only option the surgeon had given her was a major surgery that would require a hospital stay and a long recovery. She did not want to have the surgery, and so she was sent to me at RIA Endovascular.

I was able to perform an angiogram procedure and get blood flow back to her legs. She is doing very well after her revascularization procedure. She denies any claudication or rest pain. She can walk an unlimited distance without difficulty. Her follow-up ultrasound is not suggestive of any residual or recurrent disease. She has even lost some weight and started an exercise program. I am so happy to see not only improvement in her physical state but also her mental health. This is absolutely one of my favorite parts about being an interventional radiologist. Improving the lives of my patients when they feel like there are not any options for them.”

Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us, Dr. Grande.

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