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Richard Coursey, MD

Dr. Richard Coursey is a vascular and interventional radiologist in northern Colorado

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April 19, 2022, ,

Patient Stories: Jim Z. Has Great Things to Say About Richard Coursey, MD

We talked with Jim Z. after his procedure with RIA Endovascular. He had great things to say about his experience and his doctor, Richard Coursey, MD.

What problems were you having before you came to RIA Endovascular?

When I came to RIA I was having severe neck and shoulder pain with tingling down my left arm. Range of motion was limited due to significant muscle spasms over the left scapula. This condition had persisted for over ten years.

How was your patient experience with the doctor and clinic staff?

The RIA staff was friendly and eager to provide information and explain the referral process to Banner Hospital. I worked with Richard Coursey, MD. Dr. Coursey is a good listener. He gave me ample time to describe my concerns. He summarized in detail what he suspected was the root cause of the symptoms I had described. He discussed options for treatment and what they entailed. He told me the injections that he was recommending would be painful. He was correct, and after the series of injections I received I had a pronounced decrease in the pain I had experienced for many years.

What specific result/outcome did you like most about this procedure?

A marked improvement in a painful and somewhat debilitating condition. Prior to seeing Dr. Coursey I had become quite sure a good medical outcome was highly unlikely.

What would you like to share with others?

He is a fine physician, but Dr. Coursey is also a hell of nice guy. After my series of injections, I stopped by his office to make a follow up appointment. While I was speaking with his receptionists, Dr. Coursey stepped out of his office and asked me to join him. He showed me an imaging study and was excited that he now had a picture of what his next course of action would be. The fact that he stopped what he was working on to inform me of encouraging news that I needed to hear was exceedingly kind.

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