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Annie Collum, BSN, RN

Annie Collum, BSN, RN is the RIA Manager, Physician Liaison in Denver, Colorado

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November 1, 2022, , ,

Patient Testimony: Missy F. shares her UFE story

What problems were you having before you came to RIA Endovascular?

I had large fibroids that gave me symptoms such as heavy bleeding, painful cramping, and extreme fatigue. I had also gone to another clinic where I was supposed to have a UFE performed but found out later that it wasn’t, so this was my second clinic I went to about my fibroids. It was very hard for me to trust any Dr. after finding out that the initial procedure hadn’t been done. Dr. Stratil made it very easy to be able to trust a physician again because of his kind bedside manner and extensive knowledge.

How was your patient experience with Dr. Stratil and the clinic staff?

Dr. Stratil saved my life because he actually performed the UFE and improved my quality of life right away. I would recommend him to anyone for any condition that he specializes in treating. As far as the clinic staff goes, everyone from the front desk to the nursing staff and medical assistants are so spectacular. They make you feel extremely comfortable and cared for.

What specific result/outcome did you like most about this procedure?

The result I received from Dr. Stratil was outstanding! The improvement I gained from this procedure with Dr. Stratil is night and day compared to my 1st experience with the previous physician. Dr. Stratil’s professionalism and knowledge of the procedure really caught my attention. From the 1st visit with Dr. Stratil I felt everything was done right from assessment, MRI ordering and interpreting by Dr. Stratil and coming up with a plan of what to expect from this procedure and all the risks that were involved. None of that happened with my 1st Dr. and procedure. I feel I have more energy, improvement in bleeding and an overall decrease of fullness in my abdomen from the shrinking uterus.

What would you like to share with others?

Do your research! If you have severe symptoms from large fibroids don’t think that your only option is to have a hysterectomy. Dr. Stratil showed me a previous patient’s results and they had even more fibroids than my 6 month+-sized uterus and they had an excellent outcome, so it’s worth trying to get rid of the fibroids in a more minimally invasive procedure instead of having a surgery with a longer recovery period, anesthesia and bodily injury risks. Dr Stratil and RIA can be trusted and they’re masters of their craft!