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Annie Collum, BSN, RN

Annie Collum, BSN, RN is the RIA Manager, Physician Liaison in Denver, Colorado

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August 29, 2023, ,

Retired RIA Doctors Continue Working to Advance Care

Even after retirement from their clinical practices with RIA Endovascular, interventional radiologists Dennis Griffin, Dave Porter and Jim Luethke continue to contribute to medical advances. With a combined clinical experience of over 100 years, the three have a lot to offer medical device manufacturers seeking to develop and evaluate new products.

Dr. Griffin has worked with various device manufactures over the years, even offering new products to the market. All have been participants in clinical research projects during their years of practice. Now they spend a few days each month working to test new ideas in the interventional radiology realm. Much of the recent work relates to the development of better ways to deliver targeted therapy to tumors in the liver and pancreas, with the goal of increasing effectiveness and reducing side effects of chemotherapy and gene therapy products.

“With our combined experience, we can offer a lot of good feedback to those working up new ideas related to minimally invasive therapies,” Dr. Porter says. “In fact, we have had to decline some offers just to keep from being too busy.” Still, it is great to see how RIA Endovascular physicians continue to push medical care forward even after retirement from direct patient care.