June 16, 2020Featured, Physician's Perspective

Dr. Pete Stratil Talks Peripheral Artery Disease

  Dr. Pete Stratil talks peripheral artery disease with Amelia Earhart of Colorado and Company. When our doctors discuss real issues they want you to be aware that RIA Endovascular can help in real ways.

May 1, 2020Featured, Lifestyle, Treatments

RIA Endovascular is Open for All Procedures

You have been on our mind! And now it’s time to get together. Starting April 27th, our clinic is open and available to schedule any exams or procedures in person or, via telehealth. Especially those that have been on hold. We want to assure you that our first priority is safety: yours, your family’s, and […]

March 10, 2020Featured, Physician's Perspective

What is Interventional Radiology – Dr. Greg Martin Explains

Dr. Greg Martin cares about minimally invasive procedures because he cares about his clients. We sat down and talked with him about what he does and the care he gives each and every patient. Watch this short video of Dr. Martin explaining interventional radiology.