March 30, 2021Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Bob B. discusses successful prostate embolization procedure

Our staff is there for every patient. Hear Bob B. tell us about his successful prostate embolization procedure. What problems were you having before you came to RIA Endovascular? I had a seriously enlarged prostate, and it was almost impossible to go to the bathroom. How was your patient experience with the doctor and clinic […]

March 9, 2021Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Susie M. Thrombectomy Changed Life

I have a rare neuroinflammatory disorder called complex regional pain syndrome. In 2012, I started forming blood clots in my legs (deep vein thrombosis) for some unknown reason, so they attribute it to CRPS. I suffered not one but two pulmonary embolisms in 2014, and doctors decided to place an IVC filter in me so […]

March 2, 2021Patient Stories

Patient Stories: Immediate Pain Relief for Greg L.

I have been diagnosed with myeloma, which causes my bones to become brittle. I was sent to RIA Endovascular to see if anything could be done with my seven vertebral body fractures. I was told Dr. Tony Brown is the best of the best when it comes to the severity of my condition. Dr. Brown […]