March 10, 2020Physician's Perspective

What is Interventional Radiology – Dr. Greg Martin Explains

Dr. Greg Martin cares about minimally invasive procedures because he cares about his clients. We sat down and talked with him about what he does and the care he gives each and every patient. Watch this short video of Dr. Martin explaining interventional radiology.

February 25, 2020Medical Advances, Physician's Perspective

Radiology Imaging Associates, PC welcomes Physicians and Employees of Rocky Mountain Radiologists, PC to Practice

Effective January 1, 2020, 17 physicians and seven employees from Rocky Mountain Radiologists, PC (RMR) joined Radiology Imaging Associates, PC (RIA) to provide diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology services throughout the metro Denver area. “Leaders from RIA and RMR have worked for several months to bring our two practices together,” said Andrew Fisher, MD, MBA, […]

February 20, 2020Featured, Medical Advances, Physician's Perspective

Dr. Tony Brown on Denver7

Dr. Tony Brown is one of the two doctors featured on the interview done on Denver7 News this week. The interview features the innovative procedure that Dr. Tony Brown and Dr. Daniel Lerman created to fix pelvic bones weakened due to radiation from cancer treatment. Watch the interview here. Ask us more about all our services. […]