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Why minimally invasive matters

Hear from our physicians why minimally invasive procedures produce the best patient results

Comprehensive Vein and Arterial Care

Our modern techniques and devices are minimally invasive and extremely effective.

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Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatments

Learn about the different ways we attack cancer through minimally invasive treatment options that give you the advantage in the fight of your life

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Prostate Artery Embolization

A revolutionary treatment recently approved by the FDA to provide relief from Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)

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Also known as Vertebroplasty, this procedure provides 85 - 90% of patients instant relief from pain caused by compression fractures in the spine.

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We believe in the power of research

RIA Endovascular has a rich history of participation in clinical research and innovation dating back to the 1980s. Learn More

RIA Chief Medical Officer participates in the 2019 Radiology Improvement Summit at Stanford University

“[RIA’s] participation in this, and similar conferences, demonstrates the leadership role that RIA plays in providing quality radiology care."

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Patient Stories: Colon cancer leads to a blood clot. RIA Endovascular provides relief.

I developed a clot in my portal vein, causing life-threatening side effects. I was also in a considerable amount of pain from the pressure the clot was causing in my abdomen.

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RIA Endovascular first in the Mountain West to offer SpineJack treatment for painful compression fractures

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and most patients can expect to see rapid, decreased in pain and improvement in function. RIA Endovascular doctors are currently the only providers offering SpineJack in Colorado. 

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Treatment without surgery.

Board certified. Fellowship Trained.

Located in metro Denver, northern Colorado, and western Nebraska, serving all of the Front Range, our team consists of board-certified and fellowship-trained interventional radiologists. We provide comprehensive and minimally invasive evaluation and treatment of conditions involving veins, arteries, and others requiring image guidance. Whether in our office or a hospital setting, our focus is on getting you back to the life you love to live.

Minimally invasive. Ideal results.

Get back to your life. Fast.

Our team works to develop industry-changing procedures that provide our patients with the best results possible. Balancing the need for treatment with the need for quality of life, we work as hard as possible to be as minimally intrusive as possible. Meaning you're back on your feet faster than ever thought possible. Explore some of the clinical trials our team is leading that are helping to set the standard for minimally invasive care around the world.

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