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An Amazing Review from Nick K.

Oct 03, 2023
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This amazing review from Nick K. shows off some of the great work our team is doing. Patient care and excellence are what we do!

Dr. Brown changed my life! I broke my back last year. And after the hospital stay, I was referred to a neuro-ortho. My back wasn't healing, so they said I needed a kyphoplasty and referred me to RIA, specifically Dr. Brown. I had my consult shortly after being referred to him, and I knew I was in the right place and that I was seeing the right doctor.

Dr. Brown did confirm I needed a kyphoplasty and that he would probably use a SpineJack with the kypho. The insurance department got this surgery approved VERY quickly through insurance. Then they were able to get me into my appointment three days after they called to let me know it was approved. I know this isn't typical, but it worked out. I had my surgery done at Sky Ridge, and Dr. Brown was awesome before the surgery.

He explained everything to my wife. And he was awesome after the surgery, in the recovery room, three days later when he called to check up and at the follow-up! He didn't need the SpineJack, because he did his due diligence, and it wasn't going to make a difference in the long run, versus a normal kyphoplasty. This surgery made sure I wasn't going to have any lasting damage and could heal quicker than I was! I didn't regain all the height I lost from the fracture, but every other specialist that has seen my kyphoplasty, even orthos, have said it's the best they have seen! I have even referred my parents to him!

My father for his knee issue, and my mother for vein things. Dr. Brown knocked it out of the park for both of them as well. He bought my dad some time, relieved him of pain, saved my mom the headache of getting an unnecessary procedure and gave her peace of mind. I will continue to refer everyone I know to him and make sure my doctors know who helped me regain quality of life!