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Patient Testimony from Nori K

Jan 29, 2024
Nick Yee, MD
Read here to learn about Nori K’s experience with Dr. Yee and RIA Endovascular.

I have been Dr. Yee's patient for about seven years. I originally started seeing him at the hospital and then I was able to transition to the outpatient center at RIA Endovascular when it opened. Dr. Yee takes care of my fistula so that I can receive dialysis. I was actually referred to Dr. Yee by a well-known surgeon who is very comfortable with the care that Dr. Yee gives his patients. My nephrologist actually wanted a new fistula, but after seeing Dr. Yee, I realized that he could help me instead of going through another surgery. I feel like Dr. Yee is always available and I am very comforted when I'm know I am in his care. He is personable and answers every question I have , even though I've been around for such a long time I feel like his patience and kindness is one of the reasons his patients like him so much. His expertise and talents are amazing. Michael is the IR tech who has always taken care of me. He is also amazing. He knows what he is doing , he is warm and very knowledgeable. The entire team puts me at ease because they include me in my care. They make me feel like we are all in this together. I highly recommend Dr. Yee and RIA Endovascular.