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Patient Christine S. is excited to share her experience at RIA Endovascular.

Feb 06, 2024
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Read here to learn more about her story:

What problems were you having before you came to RIA Endovascular?


I had been struggling for years with swelling around my ankles and lower calves, along with increasing skin redness on my left leg. Women in my family have a history of these symptoms, so I thought it was merely a condition of old age. I also thought that the redness could be from years on the birth control pill. During a regular physical exam, my practitioner explained that these issues were the result of a vascular disorder and advised that if I didn’t get treatment, the symptoms would only worsen. She wrote a prescription to RIA Endovascular. I was able to make appointments quickly and begin the healing process.


How was your patient experience with the doctor and the clinic staff?


I didn’t know what to expect, but I have enjoyed each visit due to the professionalism of the staff, from the front desk to each service room. Everyone explained the process clearly and the procedures were conducted in a comfortable manner. I especially appreciated the camaraderie between the doctors and nurses at each session.



What specific result/outcome did you like most about this procedure?


The outcome has been life enhancing. My ankles are slimmer, the redness has almost all disappeared, and I feel renewed energy in my legs.



What would you like to share with others?

I encourage anyone who has symptoms of vascular degeneration to consider RIA Endovascular. I am more than happy to have benefitted from the procedures.